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Alaska ATS FunctionalityAlgorithm Initiative: Subscription LevelCerebronet Corp: Service Level
Easy Startup
Industry Standard and Best Practices in CyberSecurity
Includes free updates and new features as they become available
No software to install - sign up required
Import mulitple data formats
User friendly searches
Individual asset records with addendums
Custom hiring checklists
User Calendars
In application Instant Messaging
Custom Database
Automatic Data Backups and CyberSecurity
Targeted Candidate Searches
Streamlined Recruiting Process
Real Time Performance Metrics
Artifical Intelligence Assistance
Assistance in Recruiting Process
Retained search assistance
Custom Data Mining
Hiring Event Support
Targeted Marketing and Advertisement
Hiring Algorithm Development
Candidate Vetting
GIFTS (gather, identify, form, test, secure) Methodology
Free Telephone and online Support