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Comparison of Services
Algorithm Initiative

The AI Corp administrates the Subscription Level of the Alaska ATS. Program users utilize their own organic resources to use the Alaska ATS to find talent. The actual number of resistered user accounts is generally dependent upon the size of its hiring staff plus one or more registered user accounts for supervisory purposes.

Cerebronet Corp

The CerebroNet Corporation administrates our Service Contract Level of the Alaska ATS. Program users work with the CerebroNet team to streamline recruiting processes thereby freeing up HR personnel for other HR tasks.

O'Gorman Services

The Alaska Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) Program is a proprietary program developed in-house by O'Gorman Services in order to provide our program's users with the most efficient and secure ATS available on the market today. We made it scalable and packed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) so that program grows with its users. While Alaska was developed specifically with Defense Contractors in mind, the program can be used to find any type of specialized talent.